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India is diverse in culture and traditions and the same reflects on our food. We are blessed to have so many spices grown in our country, we have several dishes made with a wide variety of spices and spice powders. Long ago traders who came through the sea in search of treasures they found gold in India; its spices. Whether it is our world- famous biryani’s or our love for spiced tea or even our flavorful curries, we have surely cast our gastronomical on the entire world. Our food is embraced and accepted globally, creating its own magic. .

We cannot forget our Grand Mothers cooking. And they knows the best, she always has some remedy or the other from the kitchen for various ailments. Be it cuts, bruises, stomach pain, headache or cold, she has it sorted and always these remedies work. Turmeric works as a great antiseptic and latest research shows properties which can curb cancerous carcinogens in our body.

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