History of Spices 

India is diverse in culture and traditions and the same reflects on our food. We are blessed to have so many spices grown in our country , we have several dishes made with a wide variety of spices and spice powders. Long ago traders who came through the sea in search of treasures  they found gold in India; its spices. Whether it is our world-famous biryanis or our love for spiced tea or even our flavorful curries, we have surely cast our gastronomical on the entire world. Our food is embraced and accepted globally, creating its own magic. 

We cannot forget our Grand Mothers cooking. And grand mother knows the best; she always has some remedy or the other from the kitchen for various ailments. Be it cuts, bruises, stomach pain, headache or cold, she has it sorted and always these remedies work. Turmeric works as a great antiseptic and latest research shows properties which can curb cancerous carcinogens in our body. Fennel is a great aid for digestion, red mirchi helps in boosting our body’s metabolism and if we can go on, the list is never ending. 

Who Are We?/ About Us

Shri Malhari Masalas is all about great taste, trusted premium quality and quantity. Started in 2015, in Hyderabad,Telangana. It is known for its quality spices, spice blends and Spice powders/Masalas ,which are free from preservatives and artificial colors. We manufacture both vegetarian and non-vegetarian masalas. We ensure we serve the best without any adulteration of the spices as the whole process right from cleaning to roasting, mixing, pulverizing and packaging everything is taken care by our customized machinery & trained GMP team.

Why Us ?

We believe in purity and quality delivered to the customers and to ensure this, we are proud to say that no additives or preservatives are added to the spice mixes or foods produced at Shri Malhari Masalas. No colors are added to enhance the mixes but everything is ensured to keep the texture, color and smell natural, you can feel it too at the time of cooking. We only procure high grade raw materials and once they reach our warehouse, precautions are taken to keep them safe and under hygienic conditions. Each Masalas/Spice blend or Spice Powder has its unique flavor, and each is different from one another and holds its special role in a dish/Cuisine.


Vinoda Chandavath – Founder , Shri Malhari Masalas , a Economics Graduate, Enthusiastic Foodie and a Hobby Chef turned as an  Entrepreneur . Coming from small town always dreamed something big to do in life , turned as a hobby chef at the age of 13 and that still continues. The ideology of Setting up own Masala Manufacturing company is to share the product with all of you and spreading the happiness of purity. Back in 2015 the idea of starting own unit came on mind after so many test a trails and hurdles and with lots of confident things have started .

Sandeep Chitgopker – Co- Founder  ,Shri Malhari Masla , a Science Graduate ,by profession a Graphic designer and Enthusiastic Food as well .Taking the inputs and using his creativity ,Mr Sandeep delivers his best in the designing part ,that’s the first and foremost thing which makes the brand Shri Malhari looks more attractive and catch designs and packaging in the market now. Apart from delivering the best work with his designs and creativity ,he also holds all the operations takes place at the Unit and office as well.


Everyday Fresh & Clean

We supply hight quality organic product